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About Me Konnichiwa! My name is Jim Atwood. I am originally from Seattle Washington, USA. I have been living and working in Japan now for 17+ fantastic years as a popular Professional Photographer and International Computer IT Consultant. Currently I live in Nagano City, Japan, but have also lived for 10 years in the Yokohama and Tokyo City areas.

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The Golden Hook Japan

Posted on August 28, 2009 by Jim Atwood in Flickr Japan | Comments | 3,086 views

The Hook is another interesting kanji character in calligraphy form found often around temples and shrines in Japan. I like the color contrast and scratchy feel of the photo.

The Hook

Sunflower Sun Japan

Posted on August 21, 2009 by Jim Atwood in Flickr Japan | Comments | 2,700 views

Sunflower Sun shows how big these guys can get. They are massive at times. I wanted to show more of the sunflower here, but honestly the background left a lot to be desired. Instead I elected to get down low and shoot at an angle to give add dimension and size. The petals are aging as you can see, but the central part of the sunflower is amazing. The detail is just astonishing to look at on these sunflowers.

Sunflower Sun

Pigeon in Grunge Japan

Posted on August 20, 2009 by Jim Atwood in Flickr Japan | Comments | 2,753 views

These birds are abundant in Japan and quite frankly they bother me more than I enjoy them. They are extremely aggressive when you have food around and I think they come much too close to kids and me sometimes. With that said, they occasionally make for some interesting subjects and I particularly liked this shot with the grunge and off color background.

Birds in Grunge

Bugs Galore Japan

Posted on August 19, 2009 by Jim Atwood in Flickr Japan | Comments | 2,501 views

These are nifty little bug or “mushi” cases in Japan that allows young kids to keep their captured insects and bugs in. You’ll notice the one on the right looks like a camera. Japan makes all kinds of these cases and they are quite fun. Kids will often take these cases home and to school to show their parents or friends the catch of the day. The cases are very well secured so the bugs don’t usually escape unless you leave the door open of course.